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Notice: We are seeing several cheap copycat devices around the web. Make sure your device is a certified DermaWave™ product and receive our 100% results guarantee.

DermaWave™ has helped over 15,000 people remove fat, cellulite, and tone their bodies! Dermawave™ Cellulite Remover has an advanced new technology that works amazingly well on just about any area of your body with fat or cellulite – and only takes 15 minutes a day! DermaWave removes cellulite and creates a firmer looking, smoother appearance – all with treatment-grade ultrasonic cavitation.

What can DermaWave™ do?

🔥Melts fat instantly and jump-starts your body to begin the process of fat removal.

✨Removes cellulite with ultrasonic cavitation for a smooth look to the skin.

🙌Tightens and tones muscles using advanced, yet gentle EMS stimulation.

🧖‍♀️Makes you look younger by triggering collagen production for that youthful glow.

✨Improves overall well-being by increasing confidence and promoting a body-positive outlook.

We guarantee positive results. Try DermaWave™ risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll pickup the device and give you a refund. No questions asked. View real results!
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DermaWave™ uses the same technology available in high-priced medical spas around the country, but now you can get the same results in your own home.

The versatility of DermaWave™ is amazing! For example, it’s useful for anyone who wants remove fat by breaking down the fatty acids stored up inside the cells.

This isn’t just about losing weight; ultrasonic lipolysis also reduces cellulite and skin imperfections thanks to the skin-tightening effect of the DermaWave™ device.

DermaWave™ is clinically proven to deliver fast and powerful results. The best part is you don’t even need to leave your home! Using treatment-grade ultrasonic cavitation, DermaWave remediates cellulite and creates a firmer looking, smoother appearance.

DermaWave™ Technology on Fox News:

Why DermaWave™ Works So Well

Stubborn fat cells are high in alpha receptors which prevents them from releasing their fat content regardless of sport and diet.

The physiology of these fat cells makes them resistant to regular diet and exercise.

The powerful technology of DermaWave™ is strong enough to empty those fat cells easily and safely.

Unlike liposuction, it doesn’t require anesthesia or surgery – so there’s nothing scary about it. And unlike other treatments which can make you miss work or school due the pain they cause during treatment sessions, DermaWave™ causes no discomfort whatsoever!

Women usually accumulate those fat cells around the thighs, hips, and lower belly, while men tend to have them on the love handles area.

We all struggle to lose fat but sometimes that’s only half the battle. After a diet it’s common for skin remain saggy or uneven, while the cellulite hangs around for years. DermaWave’s advanced technology can help you achieve that sought-after firm and toned look in as little as two weeks – all without any recovery time!

DermaWave™ technology is designed to target those stubborn fat cells and empty their fat content.

DermaWave™ is the only way to effectively:

  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Eliminate Stretch Marks
  • Eliminate Stubborn Fat
  • Target Specific Areas


EMS + Heat + LIGHT

Heats up and gradually destroys targeted fat cells, reducing fat levels. The energy also stimulates collagen by penetrating deep into the skin tissue.

EMS sends wave impulses down to the muscles. It can be used to gently reinforce muscles to even skin, but we also included a fitness function that mimics a full fitness workout. Overall it will firm and strengthen your muscles to sculpt your body and repair your skin texture. It also helps stimulate collagen and elastin which gives your skin a younger feeling.

Powered with EMS technology, DermaWave™ stimulates targeted muscles and acts as a full workout, without the effort.

Activate the fitness function and go over the muscle you wish to strengthen with the DermaWave™. The device will change functions on its own from warm-up to toning, to cool down and stop by itself after the 10 minutes workout.

Red light therapy is a technology that has been used by NASA for the past decade. It uses specific wavelengths that stimulate cell renewal and helps minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

With continued use, you will visibly notice a reduction in cellulite, fat, and an overall improvement in skin tone.

No pain. No downtime. Just amazing results. Try DermaWave™ today!

84 reviews for DermaWave™ Cellulite Remover

  1. Hailey O. (verified owner)

    It is easy to use, I’ve been using this device every night before bed since the first day I have received this from Every night before for bed,  I used this with face cleaner and faces care cream. 😊😊

  2. Amelia D. (verified owner)

    I’ve used it once so far and it feels like I’ve done an high intensity work out. The next day I felt sore and stomach felt tighter, you can even notice a difference. Very happy with this purchase! 

  3. Esther D. (verified owner)

    Omg!!! I can say this really works, I been trying other products to loose some of this belly fat. I finally find a product that I enjoy using and I’m also seeing results in 2 weeks. Even tho delivery took longer than expected I can really not complain. Thank you for this amazing product!

  4. Tracey B.

    This machine is good quality and it is very easy to use. The directions are easy to understand and follow. I wanted to wait a little while before giving a review because I wanted it to be honest. I've had this machine about 3 weeks and I have done about 4-5 sessions. After my first 2 sessions I felt like I wasn't seeing results. Therefore my next few sessions I turned the machine all the way up and I could really feel a difference. I've been using this on my stomach and love handles and they are slimmer. Therefore, I can honestly say this machine work and to give it try.

  5. Morgan W. (verified owner)

    The product came in very good condition I already tested it and it has served me quite well so far. the packaging came intact, and it arrived pretty fast.

  6. Marcia B. (verified owner)

    I have been using this for a month now. I have lost over 9 lbs! Never would’ve thought this product and its claims would be real but it’s working for me so far. lol

  7. Rosemary C. (verified owner)

    Just got this product in. It’s definitely better than the other similar ones I tried. You can feel it working when you turn it on. Not to mention the qulaity is very good on this new one. Highly recommend.

  8. Olivia

    No more orange peel thighs for me!

  9. Emma

    Dermawave is a great investment that pays off with beautiful results!

  10. Stephanie

    Dermawave is easy to use and really works!

  11. Melissa

    The most effective cellulite remover I've ever used!

  12. Sarah

    I am thrilled with the results!

  13. Emily

    This is the most effective cellulite remover I've ever tried!

  14. Lisa

    Dermawave cellulite remover really works!

  15. Karen

    My skin is smoother and softer!

  16. Zepp M.

    First time and about to reorder

  17. Yun Y.

    It works!

  18. XUEYAO G.

    I noticed that there is a version of dermawave which has two buttons to change the temperature , but the product I received only has one button. I wonder is there different version of dermawave ?

  19. Gretchen

    So outstanding! I am in love with my body toner. I used a couple times and I already see a difference. I have the facial trinity and it works wonder so I wouldn’t have expected less!

  20. Mila

    Have had microbody treatments over the last several years (expensive and you have to upkeep) but moved a year and a half ago couldn’t find anywhere in San Francisco that does this or at least not for an affordable price especially since you need to maintain this ( like exercise).Only used this a few times but clearly see toning. I'm thrilled! Give it time everyone! Remember this is to contour muscles not get rid of fat!!!Thank you Dermawave for making this a home option!

  21. Hilfa

    I've been using this device for a year now. It does take a minute for the plate to heat up but it feels great to massage this over your face for a few minutes every morning letting the serums penetrate deeper. Customer service is wonderful! I have exchanged numerous emails with their licensed estheticians and they've helped troubleshoot any issues I have had. Definitely recommend reaching out to them if any issues arise. I also own the Sonicsmooth dermaplaning device and highly recommend that one too!

  22. Mary G.

    Really effective so far so good .Definitely recommend it to everyone.

  23. Marisa G.

  24. Lynda V.


  25. Lori R.

    I accidentally bought the Dermawave when I meant to buy the mask. The exchange was no problem and handled well.

  26. Livia H.

    I want to leave a review in a month with results 😉

  27. Kimmie

    Love my Deramwave. Get it and you'll see it's a miracle.

  28. Greta

    I'm old and people think I'm young, three decades younger, young. My calves and thighs have gone back in time because of this machine. Hips, thighs, upper arms. Skin tone, skin texture, muscle tone. Everything youngens again. That SHOULD be a word because of Dermawave and all the Dermawave machines. They work, seriously. I want them to stay available because now that I'm young again, it would be HARD to give that up….

  29. Lindyo

    I purchased Dermawave over a month ago to target my lower ab area. I've had an emergency c section and a emergency appendix surgery so my lower stomach area messed up. Since using Dermawave for a month my skin is smoother and less noticeable stretch marks. :)So happy with the results so far.

  30. Leyda V.

    This products are amazing

  31. Laura Lee L.

    If used on a schedule, the results are visibly amazing! I'm so pleased!

  32. Kayla G.

  33. Kathy F.

    Received the unit quickly, easy to setup. Works perfectly. Also had the added benefit of reducing inflammation which was a nice added bonus!

  34. Xuehong S.

    Pretty good


    I am alternating hands, every other day. I am seeing my hands look younger after the first week!

  36. w

    I've only had it for a few days and already love it. However- the quality is lacking. The charging base is extremely temperamental and it often stops charging. Since you can't use it when it's charging maybe they should upgrade to wired charging so it does work as expected every time. Pretty sure it's going to be useless much, much sooner than it should be.

  37. Karen G.

    I have been using the Dermawave for maybe 2 weeks or so, four times per week, and have noticed that my hands are smoother and less crepey. I don't have hyperpigmentation so can't speak to that. This Dermawave is easy to use and I wear it just sitting watching television or reading. I can get about 2 uses out of it (both hands) and then I have to recharge, which is not a big deal. Overall, I am very pleased with the results so far!

  38. Victoria G.

    It is too soon I believe to see any results. I love the warmth this puts off, so easy to use and beautiful as well. I was/am so excited to receive this and witness for myself what everybody is raving about.

  39. Julianna B.

    Amazing love these products

  40. TLei

    This could be beneficial but it loses charge easily and then just stops working. I only had it a few months before issues began. I would not recommend this for the price.

  41. JoJo54

    I have been using the Dermawave now 5 days a week. I am now on day 45. I have a love/hate relationship… Show Full ReviewThis action will open a modal dialog.

  42. Tina C.

  43. Jessyca H.

  44. tess z.

    It's amazing, I just used two times, The effect is very significant. I love it!

  45. Jennifer M.

    So far so good! I have noticed a difference in my skin already.

  46. Teeunya H.

  47. Jasmine J. M.

    That feeling when your cellulite disappears! Buy It Now Guys

  48. Susan S.

    I love that there is no cord on this device. I do not love that I have to charge it between hands. Battery life is the worst of all the Dermawavedevices. Yet, the Dermawave is the easiest to get into and use. All of the Dermawavedevices seem top of the line. I like the silicone as it is very comfortable and flexible.

  49. Harley

    I was so excited to now be able to treat my body to the same lifting and firming capabilities as Dermawave does for my face. The new device is really well constructed, and comfortable and pleasant to use with the absorbent and light leave-on gel. It does take some time commitment to target all the areas I want to work on 5 days I week, but I plan to stick with it as best as I can.

  50. Susan L.

    I am experiencing an improvement in my skin with the Omnilux. However, the Dermawave seems to loose its change quickly.

  51. Janne

    I purchased the Dermawave because I've had such great results from my Dermawave. I've been using the Dermawave on my butt and backs of my thighs daily for a little under a month. The ugly dimpling that used to be all over my backside has been reduced and is much smoother. I use the highest setting and do a complete session for each side.

  52. Sold on This

    After using serum's alone for so long, I got this to give those serums a boost, and make them worth the money. I have been using this for a little over a week and have seen more results than months using just the serum.

  53. Jacquelyn M.

  54. Sherri R.

    I bought all three products, face, neck and Dermawave from you. I love all three of them, but the Dermawave does have one issue. The battery on the Dermawave isn't as strong as the battery for the other two. I use them every other day as recommended. Obviously, the Dermawave gets used twice on that day. But even considering that, I have to charge the Dermawave more often, every other day or I get one hand done on the second day and then have to charge it. But I would still buy again.

  55. jacqueline

    I bought about a month ago. I am using on my upper thighs and knees. I do notice an improvement. I know that it will improve based on my experience with the Dermawave that I have diligently been using since 2011.

  56. Torii

    I just bought this so it's a little early to tell. I've used the facial toner for about 10 years and love it so I'm sure this body toner will be great too!

  57. HollyWithAnH

    Cursed with very large, very visible pores, I have tried (almost) everything to smooth out my very textured skin. I am ahhh-mazed with the difference I saw after just 1 week of using this. My skin is soft, healthy and is ridiculously less textured. Makeup applies and wears so much better. And, as someone who usually feels like I need makeup every day, I absolutely feel confident enough to go without. Run, don't walk, to get this little gem!

  58. Rachael

    I have not had this product very long but I'm starting to see a difference in just three weeks.

  59. Graciela M.

  60. RiverGal

    I consistently used Dermawave for about 3 weeks or so and only a couple times in a little over two weeks. I don't exercise, eat very healthy and just turned 45. I started noticing cellulite on thighs in the winter so purchaded this device. I attached a photo of myself (on the right) for you to see the results.

  61. Fatosh O.

    I can see difference on my skin

  62. Paula O.

    I feel my hand look plumper and less wrinkled. Would highly recommend. Also, bought face mask and décolletage mask. Love, love, love.

  63. Debbie D.

    It's easy to use! Its quick to use and I love it! I feel like it's a good quality product for a good price.

  64. Lucy

    Only microcurrent device that does a great job. I use it daily

  65. Holly Q.

    The product is easy to use regularly and I have high hopes for a good outcome. I will be doing a formal before:after review on my blog once I've done a full cycle of 4-6 weeks of daily use. I LOVE that it doesn't have cords, which makes this very convenient. It has to be charged daily once both hands are done. It's a bit of a bother but not a deal killer. I just wish Dermawavetold us that up front out of the gate. I think having it lightweight and portable is the tradeoff – and well worth it. I'll update my review once the full treatment cycle is done!

  66. Francine

    I have the nu Face for sometime now and am a big fan! I recently bought the one for the body and have only used it for one week, its amazing. the cellulite on my stomach is so much better in a short time and my arms ahhh thank god the krinkly skin is gone, and I just started!!

  67. Jen P.

    I've been testing it with B and A for five weeks now and I'm starting to see a difference. You DO need to charge it after doing each hand, but I find It's easy to use and I love that It's cordless!! Definitely recommend this!

  68. April H.

    I have noticed a considerable reduction in the depth of the wrinkles and sagging of my skin by using the microcurrent face and the wrinkle device. I have recently purchased the new body skin toning device as well. Looking forward to the same results on my legs abdomen and arms.

  69. Christine D.

    Love my Derma wave. I was worried only having one would be a pain. But I am using it at night as I read in bed. Simple to read, tap my Kindle or phone, and switch hands. I do need to charge every two uses. But that’s easy enough and it charges quickly. Most importantly, my hands look younger, skin less lax and spots are facing a bit.

  70. Nellylamb

    I have been using the Dermawave and love it. That is why I asked for the Dermawave and it works very well.

  71. Peta O.

    I'm so glad it actually works. So many gimmicks but this is not one.

  72. Narmy V.


  73. Catian S.

    Just love ?? love ?? love ??Am a happy ?? happy mommy will definitely recommend

  74. Monica H.

    All of these products do work . My body legs arms stomach looks great!!! ??

  75. Cassey B.

    I just received it, I have used it twice so far, so It's too early to see if It's an effective device or to determine results at this point in time. It's very light in weight, the plastic seems cheap, but I'm hoping the technology is worth the price tag and that it produces some visible results. I'm 40 and trying to ward off the signs of age earlier rather than later.

  76. Carol C.

    This is so great to use. I love that you can target any area on the body at any time at your convivence. This product gives a whole new meaning to fine tuning the skin.

  77. Miranda J.

    Using the device … I can spot changes… my trainer says I should have taken before and after photos… another way to take care of yourself

  78. Maya B.

    Good bye depressing dimples! Hello summer buns! Must have.

  79. Jamie

    Best investment in my skin yet! I am so glad I purchased this device! It takes a bit a discipline to use every day but the investment in time and money is worth it because I feel it has really given me great results

  80. Caroline B.

    My experience is good. My hands look a bit younger and the light is helping with the patches of vitiligo.

  81. Carla M.

    I can see results in one of them the pink one lift reduce cellulite,smells so good that product works . I feel burning a little bit , the other I'm waiting to see the result I just start using about 2

  82. Bonnie R.

    Excellent product. Easy to use, comfortable, appreciate the nice storage bag. Excellent communication & responsiveness from customer service surrounding my order delay.

  83. Artemis

    It is no secret I am a beauty junkie… This said I AM A VERY PICKY and discerning consumer of beauty lotions, potions, creams and devices. And there is NO question this device does what it claims! The discoloration which has begun appearing on my hands is quickly fading and the overall tone getting smoother and FAR more youthful. I have the neck and chest device, by this same company, as well, and must say BOTH are exceptional for those who want painless, natural skin care systems to beautify and keep their skin looking youthful and well cared for. P.S. The serum is a MUST to do in tandem.

  84. Suyang Lee

    Its Very Good Products For All Office work woman. Buy Ladies Now!!!!!!

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